CSM Awarded Grants From Bristol-Myers Squibb and the NIH

Computer Science Awarded Grant From Bristol-Myers Squibb

CS was awarded a collaboration research grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) for the fifth year. A team of students and faculty will continue their work together with BMS scientists on developing and implementing algorithms for processing and statistical analysis of high resolution spectroscopic data.

“The collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb provides an outstanding opportunity for Rowan students to work with cutting-edge technology and help to address problems faced by scientists in pharmaceutical industry,” stated Vasil Hnatyshin, Head of the Computer Science Department.

Professor Alison Krufka Receives NIH Grant

The Cumberland County College Bridges to Rowan (CB2R) program is a collaborative effort between Rowan and CCC funded through the NIH Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program. This comprehensive academic and mentoring program will provide students with academic, mentoring, and research opportunities from their freshmen year at CCC through their graduation from Rowan. The program, which targets traditionally underrepresented student populations, will help to diversify the biomedical research workforce, bringing new perspectives, establishing important connections to diverse populations, and improving the results produced by this workforce.

"I am very excited to get to work with my collaborators from CCC. Through this program, teams of talented educators and researchers at CCC and Rowan can provide students opportunity to gain valuable research experience and excel in their study of biology," said Krufka.

Professor Jeff Greeson Awarded NIH Diversity Supplement

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded an NIH Diversity Supplement to Rowan University. The NIH makes additional funds available to investigators who hold certain types of research grants in order to “Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research.” The parent grant, led by Professor Jim Greeson and his colleague, Professor David Fresco at Kent State University, is testing two different stress management programs (including mindfulness), to lower blood pressure in adults with borderline hypertension.

The NIH Diversity Supplement award is funding a Graduate Research Assistantship for Clinical Psychology doctoral student, Gabrielle (Abby) Chin. The funding covers full annual stipend, tuition, and conference travel for two years, until the parent grant is concluded in May, 2019.