College Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives (COURI)

The mission of the College Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives (COURI) is to engage Rowan students from the College of Science & Mathematics/School of Health Professions (CSM/SHP) in research opportunities that will help them to develop important skills for further education and future careers.

Engaging Undergraduates in Research

COURI connects students with information about potential faculty mentors, projects, and research opportunities available at Rowan University and the larger scientific community. Students who participate in research experiences as undergraduates gain a deeper understanding of their disciplines beyond the classroom and develop both critical thinking and technical skills, giving them a competitive edge for scholarships, internships, graduate admissions, fellowships and jobs.

The goal of COURI is to maximize the number of undergraduate students pursuing degrees in CSM/SHP who participate in research experiences while at Rowan.  These experiences include:

  • course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs)
  • research for credit
  • summer research experiences
  • volunteer research experiences
  • research internships/externships
  • funded research opportunities.

COURI realizes that it is not only the quantity of research opportunities available to students, but also the quality of research experiences.  Many Rowan students are first introduced to research in courses. Students can then begin research with a faculty mentor that continues over several semesters with increasing levels of responsibility and independence. 

Rowan has recently been designated by Carnegie as a national research institution so our students get to work with cutting-edge instruments in a burgeoning research environment.  Students have opportunities to present their results in symposia and even mentor more junior students in the lab.  Our most successful students have attended national conferences and co-authored publications.