Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences curriculum spans all biological disciplines, emphasizing connections among and integration of different aspects of biology, across all levels of organization and the full spectrum of biodiversity. We investigate basic and applied questions in biology and value increasing our understanding of the natural world as much as how that understanding directly benefits humanity.

Our Biological Sciences degree programs give students a firm foundation for pursuing science related careers, science teaching, and more!

Concentrations include Pre-Medicine, Neuroscience, or Environmental Studies. Students who are not interested in a formal concentration can tailor their upper-level electives to focus on studies such as Botany, Cellular & Microbiology, Ecology or Zoology.

On the other hand, students who have a need to maintain a broad background (e.g., students planning to teach high school science) are free to pick from a variety of upper-level Biology electives rather than specialize. Students are encouraged to talk to an academic advisor to determine which upper-level electives best suit their post-graduation and career plans.


Why Study Biological Science At Rowan University?

Rigorous yet flexible curriculum: The biological sciences are becoming more and more intertwined with each other and with other fields. To have a successful future, today's biology students need to be well-rounded at the time of graduation. Our B.S. Biology program requires you to get a broad background in biology but maintains lots of flexibility for you to build your own specialty track so that you can prepare for a career after Rowan!

Broad faculty interests: To deliver an interdisciplinary curriculum, our faculty must have wide-ranging experience. The Department has expertise in evolution, zoology, botany, ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, marine biology, anatomy, physiology, and applied biology.

Excellence in teaching: The Department's faculty are dedicated to undergraduate education. And that's not just a slogan: teaching excellence is a clear requirement for Rowan faculty to receive tenure or promotion. Our Department's faculty are routinely evaluated by our students, and many have received teaching honors from the University.

Access to research opportunities: At many institutions, undergraduate research opportunities are limited to seniors. At Rowan, our faculty actively seek underclassmen to work in the lab and in the field. Some of our faculty even incorporate research projects into their course syllabi.

Excellence in undergraduate research: Rowan biology undergraduates have presented their research at meetings and symposia in the local region and nationally. Some of our majors have even received competitive research fellowships and travel grants from national organizations.

Small class size: All of our laboratory classes are capped at 24 seats, so all students receive plenty of individual attention and hands-on experience. You are not a nameless face in a giant auditorium!

Access to faculty: Rowan University is primarily an undergraduate institution. This means that you do not have to compete with graduate students or post-doctoral fellows for our faculty's attention.

Success of our graduates: After they graduate, Rowan biology majors have gone on to medical and other professional schools, graduate schools, and jobs. They build successful careers in research, education, industry, health care, government service, and more. The Department has affiliations with a large number of professional schools to help you get the professional degree you need after graduation.



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