Chemistry I Placement Test

Chemistry I Placement Test

Chemistry I Placement Test

Placement testing for Chemistry I is required prior to taking Chemistry I (CHEM 06100).  If you are anticipating taking Chemistry I or majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Biophysics, Engineering, Translational Biomedical Sciences, Bioinformatics, and the Pre-Med concentration, Science, or Health Science majors, you should complete the placement exam as soon as possible, no later than June 1.      


 Who will be evaluated?

Any students interested in taking Chemistry I (CHEM 06100). Specifically students who want to major in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Geology, Physics, Biophysics, Engineering, Translational Biomedical Sciences, Bioinformatics, and the Pre-Med concentration.


How is placement determined?

Placement is determined by score on a General Chemistry evaluation exam.


Who can I contact?

General Chemistry



Where do I take the Test?

The Chemistry I Placement Test can be taken at online at thru Rowan University Blackboard from the comfort of home.

Students may make an appointment to come on- campus to take the Chemistry I Placement test in the Science Building. Appointment times are limited and an appointment is required for ALL on-campus test taking.


Since the exam is administered electronically on Rowan University Blackboard, it can be taken at home or anywhere there is a reliable internet connection.


What is on the Chemistry Placement Exam?


There are ~45 chemistry and chemistry related math questions on the test. Topics include: measurements, atoms, elements, ions, isotopes, compounds, the periodic table, naming and formula for simple compounds, balancing chemical equations, simple reaction stoichiometry, chemical reactions, mass percent, density, and states of matter.


What is the time limit?


Students will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam.



Can I use a Periodic Table and Calculator?


YES! You are permitted to use a calculator, periodic table, scratch paper and a pencil.


How do I prepare for the test?

By reviewing basic chemistry principles covered in any high school chemistry book. Exam topics include The Structure of Matter, Atoms, Ions and Molecules; Elements and the Periodic Table; Chemical Formulas, Chemical Reactions and States of Matter


Can I retake to improve results?

Retakes of the test are not allowed except under documented, extenuating circumstances such as a power outage during the exam.

Challenged tests may be retaken on –line thru Rowan University Blackboard or on-campus in the Science Building. An appointment is required for ALL on-campus tests.  



Basic Chemistry I Skills are assessed as follows:

20% to 55% -  Students will be required to complete a prerequisite course Essential of General Chemistry (CHEM 05100). Essentials of General Chemistry is specifically designed to help prepare students to take Chemistry I.  Essential of General Chemistry does not meet any General Education requirements and may not meet the requirements for some majors.


55% or greater  - Students may register for Chemistry I (CHEM 06100). The Chemistry I course may vary by major and students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor for assistance in selecting the appropriate course.  While a score greater that 55% indicates that you are likely capable of successfully completing CHEM 06100, it does not predict your grade in CHEM 06100.  Only students who earn a passing score on the Chemistry Placement Exam are permitted to take CHEM 06100.


Exemptions*   - Students with AP score of 3, 4 or 5; and successful transfer of a college level Essentials or Chemistry I course. Courses that are currently in progress cannot be considered for exemption. AP exam results must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.