Combining the BA with...

Combining the BA with...

Combining the BA in C&I with...

Given the number of free electives in the Computing and Informatics programs, it makes good sense to utilize these electives to strengthen your credentials and set you apart from other job candidates after graduation. It is even possible to double major with the amount of free electives in the BA program.

There are many potential combinations with the BA. It is very important for you to work with your advisor from the Computer Science department. Because the degree utilizes multiple courses taught in the Computer Science, Management Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems programs, combinations of these programs with Computing and Informatics might make perfect sense for you and might be more easily achievable.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this page refers to other programs at Rowan University and hence is not the authoritative source. Thus this data should be considered illustrative and not definitive. Please refer to the official University pages for these programs and make sure that you consult your Computer Science advisor.            

Computer Science

The BA can be nicely augmented with a minor in Computer Science.


One MIS course is required; two others are restricted electives. Combine with an MIS program?


Three GIS courses are on the list of restricted electives. Combine with a GIS program?

Double Majors in...

You may be able to graduate in four years with this as well, so why not double major?

Foreign Languages CUGS

Take on a foreign language while pursuing your BA degree!

Business CUGS

Have an extra background in business to compliment your BA degree!


Interested in Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis?
This may be the CUGS for you!