BS CS to MS Data Science

BS CS to MS Data Science

Combined Advanced Degree in Data Science

Data science is a great field to enter right now. Demand is high – and so are the salaries. And while you can get good entry-level (and even some mid-level) data science jobs with a bachelor’s degree, your career options open up significantly if you have a master’s degree. But there are many other benefits of getting a master’s degree in data science beyond the career and salary opportunities. Data scientists are in demand and are highly employable job sector. And a master’s degree in Data Science will only enhance that employability.

But obtaining a master’s degree can be costly in both time and money.  A combined advanced degree could be the path you need.

The Combined Advance Degree Program, also known as the 4 + 1 program, in BS Computer Science/MS Data Science allows interested and qualified students to complete the department’s Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Master of Science in Data Science degrees in a shorter time, usually in five years rather than the normal six.  This program allows highly motivated students to begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, accelerating their graduate studies while still at the undergraduate level and while paying undergraduate tuition and fees.

Our accelerated BS/MS program offers:

  • greater flexibility to schedule courses to complete the prerequisites for advanced study
  • a seamless transition to the Master’s degree
  • the opportunity to complete the requirements for the MS degree in Data Science within a year of completing the BS in Computer Science




The one-page CADP in DS Application Form, CADP Student Agreement and Confirmation Form, and Program Description are available for download.