minor for C&I

minor for C&I

DS Minor for C&I Majors

The minor consists of two programming courses already part of the C&I curriculum:

  • CS 04.103 Computer Science and Programming
  • CS 04.225 Principles of Data Structures

C&I students should also take the BS course CS 04.430 Database Systems: Theory & Programming in place of the database course that is part of the C&I curriculum.

The C&I student should take the following courses as their restricted electives:

  • CS 07.370 – Introduction to Information Visualization
  • CS 07.480 – Introduction to Data Mining
  • CS 04.440 – Data Warehousing
  • CS 07.485 – Web and Text Mining

As this minor involves more Mathematics than is required by the C&I major, C&I students seeking this minor are required to take the following Math courses

  • MATH 01.130 – Calculus I
  • MATH 01.131 – Calculus II

C&I majors seeking this minor should also take: 

  • MATH 03160 – Discrete Structures to fulfill their Logic requirement
  • STAT 02290 – Probability & Statistical Inference for Computing Systems to fulfill the Statistics requirement for the DA minor

The eight courses in boldfaced text represent the eight courses required for the DA minor.  The three MATH courses listed above are needed pre-requisites for the eight courses shown.