Combined Advanced Degree

Combined Advanced Degree

Combined Advanced Degree Program

The US Department of Labor, along with the NJ Department of Labor, project sustained positive growth over this decade in computer jobs. They have listed the following occupations among the fastest growing occupations over the 200414 period: Computer software engineers, Computer support specialists and systems administrators, Data Analysts, Computer and information system managers, Computer systems analysts, and Internet, Web and data processing services. They project that computer occupations are among the fastest growing occupations in the economy.

To meet this need and the demand of competent and highly motivated undergraduate students who wish to complete both a BS and an MS degree, Rowan University now offers 3 BS/MS programs. The Combined Advanced Degree Program (CADP) in Computer Science, the CADP in Data Science, and the CADP in Bioinformatics allow students to complete both degrees at Rowan in five years as opposed to the traditional period of six years (if both degrees were completed separately). Students begin taking graduate courses in their senior year accelerating their graduate studies while still at the undergraduate level and while paying undergraduate tuition and fees. These dual degree programs will allow Computer Science majors to quickly obtain advanced post- baccalaureate Computer Science training in preparation for careers in education, industry, research, business and government.

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Combined Advanced Degree in Computer Science

Check out the CADP available for CS!

Combined Advanced Degree in Data Science

Check out the CADP available for DS!

Combined Advanced Degree in BioInformatics

Check out the CADP available for Bioinformatics!