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Networks COGS

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Targeted population: Graduate students with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related fields from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Purpose: The Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) in Networks is designed to offer students the opportunity of a specialized study to provide students with experience in key courses of this discipline at the graduate

Students seeking this COGS will be required to take 1 required course and 3 restricted electives. This
COGS is “stackable.” That is, all of the courses count for the MS in Computer Science and some count for
the MS in Cybersecurity. All courses are 3 semester hours.

The following course will be required to complete this COGS

  1. CS 09510 Computer Networks

Three of the four restricted electives will be required to complete this COGS

  1. CS 03580 Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things -
    Architectures and Security

  2. CS 09605 Wireless Networks & Systems

  3. CS 09612 Network Security

  4. CS 09675 Advanced TCP/IP & Internet Protocols &