ACM Club

ACM Club

Rowan's ACM Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery Rowan Chapter has been a successful club for many years. Our ACM chapter is designed to form a Computer Science student community that students can all use for help with classwork, advising help, career preparation help, starting projects together, teaching each other, going to events together (like hackathons), and just making friends in the Computer Science Major.

The club has many different committees that host projects for students to work on, including:
Web Development
Video Game Development
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
and more coming!

If you are interested in joining ACM, meetings are in Robinson Hall 101-B on Thursdays at 6:30PM

To learn more about our club, visit the Rowan ACM Club webpage!

As for the organization of ACM, you can check out the official ACM website to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

E-Board Members

  • Advisors: Professor Provine and Professor Rabbitz
  • President: Anthony Marinelli
  • Vice President: Yekateriana Saboruva
  • Secretary: Mary Moor
  • Treasurer: James Garaguso
  • Social Media Rep: Kiley Parker
  • SGA Senator: Nicholas Sin

Past Events

Game Jam
Participants were given a theme and 2 weeks to quickly program a playable video game. The top 3 winners were awarded prizes.

Game nights
Participants enjoyed time together at Round1 and took a break from the usual stress of college life.

Guest Speakers
Multiple speakers came and visited the Rowan ACM and discussed various topics such as work, company culture, and employment opportunities. These speakers included employees of Lockheed Martin, RunSignUP, Rowan's very own Office of Career Advancement, and the president of the Rowan FinTech Club.

AT&T Civic App Challenge

Rowan University, along with the Rowan ACM and IEEE, participated in the AT&T Civic App Challenge, having people come in from both AT&T and specific veteran organizations to discuss different options that they could build upon to aid our Veteran community. Many people came as we discussed not just our community, but how we develop in iOS, Android, as well as project management.

CodeDay Philly
The Rowan ACM Chapter attended the CodeDay Hackathon in Philly in mid November and were awarded with the best overall app award!