Guide for New Students

Guide for New Students

So you are a new student...

Who are some of the contacts I need to make?

New students are assigned a Computer Science Advisor from University Advising as well as a Faculty Mentor.  Please get to know these individuals soon after your arrival at Rowan.  They will help guide you on your academic journey with us.

In addition, our departmental administrator, Debi Coughlin, is a great resource for student questions.  Also, get to know the Computer Science faculty who will be teaching you in your first semester.

What computing resources should I become familiar with?

You will have a networked H drive, access to printing kiosks, and the Rowan Cloud.  You should get to know Banner which you will use to register and check your progress towards graduation, know how to access our wireless network, be able to connect to our network remotely, and potentially utilize Blackboard (a popular learning management system for many classes).

Rowan's Information Resources and Technology (IRT) department maintains a very useful student resources page with information on all of the above.

What kind of computer should I purchase?

The Computer Science Department has no specific computer requirement, but what we do recommend is any laptop with specs similar to the those listed below:

  • i7 Intel processor
  • 16 GB ram
  • 500GB or larger hard drive
  • 802.11ac wireless network card
  • Intel HD or Nvidia GeForce graphics card
  • Windows 10 Pro

You can choose from various manufactures such as Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sony, or Toshiba and the Apple MacBook Air is also an option, they have machines with specs similar to those listed above.

For the first 2-3 years students do not require powerful computers as they primarily will be taking notes and writing small to medium-size programs. Certainly more powerful computers are better, but that it is not necessary. As the students get into a senior year they may need better equipment, although again they do not need anything super-powerful. During the first couple of years the students will be using the following software, so the computer should be able to handle at least the following:

  • MS Office
  • Eclipse / IntelliJ IDEA / BlueJ (for freshmen) or other IDEs and compilers (probably not MS Visual Studio)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or anything else that handles PDF
  • Web browsers
  • Maybe some other utilities

While most of campus is Windows based, some student prefer to use Macs. While a Mac computer may have some compatibility issues with Windows software, it is also well suited for CS majors.

What is LiBBy?

The CS Learning Community (aka LiBBy - Learning in Bits and Bytes) is a zero (0) credit course required for all CS majors during their freshman year to help acclimate them to Rowan CS. This course is also recommended (but not required) for all transfer students from other schools and Rowan students changing majors to CS, as long as they start with IOOP at Rowan.

Throughout the course, incoming CS students will be provided the opportunity to:

  • Make connections with other CS students thru interactive activities
  • Meet the administrative, advising, teaching, and research faculty in the CS Department
  • Pair with upperclassman CS majors for peer mentoring and guidance
  • Participate in a students-led panel discussion Q&A with other students
  • Learn about the CS culture and environment of academic integrity
  • Get exposure to the numerous CS clubs, activities, and resources available
  • Become familiarized with the process of CS advising, registration, and GRAD
  • Gain valuable insights with technical resumes and interviewing skills
  • Discover the various ways to find jobs, internships, and even coops
  • Network with alumni and industry partners during in-class visits/talks
  • Attend Computer Field Experience and Senior Project presentations to see how being in Rowan CS has helped guide and impact our amazing students