UPE Honor Society

UPE Honor Society

UPE Honor Society

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) is an honor society that recognizes students under the disciplines of Computing and Information for their academic excellence.

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Go to UPE's website to learn more about their credentials, benefits in joining, and more.

UPE Officers

  • President: Russell Binaco
  • Vice-President: Philip Quinn
  • Secretary: Christopher Malitsky
  • PR/Web: Monica Mahon
  • Senator: Justin Davis 
  • Treasurer: Caitlin McElwee

How to join UPE:

The requirements for being inducted into UPE as an undergraduate (not including transfers), as listed on their website are:

  • must rank in the upper 35% of the class,
  • have attained a general scholarship rating, in all college work thus far completed,
  • have to satisfy Article VIII, Section 2 of UPE's Constitution,
  • have completed at least 45 (Forty Five) semester hours of college work including fifteen (15) semester hours or twenty-three (23) quarter hours in the basic courses in the Computing and Information Disciplines.

General meetings are monthly on Fridays @ 3pm in CS Seminar Room (Robinson 330A) starting on 9/28

The UPE Membership page gives more information on requirements to join for Undergraduate students, Undergraduate transfer students, and Graduate students.