Volunteering Opportunities at Rowan University

Volunteering Opportunities at Rowan University

Interested in Volunteering? Making a difference?

We know you’re busy. College life presents its own challenges. But carving out a few hours a week or month to volunteer is very advantageous for you, the university, and the community.  There are specific benefits of community service for college students that can lead to positive outcomes for university volunteers and the communities they serve.

Boost Resume and Improve Job Prospects

Employers are more likely to choose a candidate and more likely will overlook resume flaws when the candidate’s resume includes volunteer experience. Students that enter the workforce with volunteer experience are not only boosting their resumes but are effectively standing-out among other potential (and equally qualified) candidates when it’s finally time to fill these open positions.

Develop Skills

Volunteering can also help students grow in their learning. Through community service, students gain real-world experience and practice important habits like leadership, problem-solving, and time-management. Volunteering offers students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to practical scenarios that have real implications. In other words, service-learning opportunities can offer the same skills-boosting opportunities as student internships, but with the added benefit of improving the lives of others.

Make Connections

Nonprofits partner with other businesses, organizations, and change-makers in their communities. Working with charity organizations is a great way for students to explore career paths, and nonprofit employers (even other volunteers) are usually more than happy to put their volunteers in touch with the right people. Furthermore, nonprofit professionals can offer helpful career advice to help guide students in their studies.

Lead More Balanced Lives

While college is an immensely rewarding (and fun) experience, it comes with its share of stress. It’s a time when young adults learn to become independent, manage their time, and find their way in the “real world.”  Extra-curricular activities like volunteering can actually help volunteers with time-management and improve emotional well-being. In fact, there are many studies that cite the mental and physical health benefits of volunteering, benefits that can participate in community service encourages college students to become socially-minded individuals for life.


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