Translational Biomedical Sciences (BS)

Translational Biomedical Sciences (BS)

B.S. in Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS)

Translational Biomedical Sciences (TBS) is a program that provides diverse training in life sciences, mathematics, statistics, and the physical sciences. This major’s ‘bench-to-bedside’ centers on improving biomedical and clinically-related outcomes, by turning scientific innovations into diagnostic tools, therapeutics, etc. Students are immersed in cutting-edge research within faculty laboratories while learning the underlying molecular concepts that drive cellular and organismal systems. This program prepares students for competitive entry into the biomedical workforce and graduate degree programs.

Curriculum in the TBS major focuses on preparing students for advanced post-graduate degrees and laboratory research skills.  Students in the TBS major will begin with foundation coursework to develop a deep understanding of the molecular processes that govern biological and biomedical challenges.  Upper level students will transition into coursework integrating application driven scientific topics including four semesters of integrated laboratory research with department faculty.  Students who complete this major will have the opportunity to take advanced curriculum in Genetics, Genomics, Immunology, Physiology, Virology, Cancer Biology, Bioinformatics among others. For the list of required courses and sample sequence for the TBS major follow the links below. 

Program Requirements 

Course Sample Sequence

For additional information about the program, planning your coursework, or general advising please email Christina Davidson-Tucci at or schedule an appointment through the Rowan Success Network (RSN).