Coffee Break with the Deans

Coffee Break with the Deans

Coffee Break with the Dean(s)

Please drop in for a quick chat with the Dean(s) and fellow colleagues across the College/School. Since we no longer have the opportunity to for quick conversations in the hallway, to/from the parking lot, or meetings, this is a great way for faculty and staff to catchup. 
While conversations certainly can focus on “business” questions, we will also just talk about how things are going, issues relating to the ever changing environment, or simply say hello and meet some new people. Dropping in for even a 5 minute chat would be great. Most of the time, we’ll just have a Webex open and people can drop in/out of the session, similar to dropping by the dean’s office to say hello.
Your participation will help sustain our College/School’s sense of community. I hope that this turns out to be useful and successful!
While the time might be scheduled for 45 to 60 minutes, we don’t expect people to stay the whole time. 
Available dates and times:

Wednesday, October 14, 2 pm

Thursday, October 29, 11 am

Tuesday, November 10, 2 pm

Note, meetings will be limited to the first 15 people that sign up.  Check back for additional dates throughout the year.