Dean's Outstanding Senior Awards

The Dean's Outstanding Senior Awards (DOSA) are given each to year to graduating seniors in the College of Science & Mathematics and School of Health Professions. Programs within the College and the School nominate and select students to receive the awards.

The be eligible, the student must be eligible for graduation. Although important, is not based solely on students grade point average, rather individual’s overall contributions to department, university, and/or community.

2019 DOSA

2019 DOSA Recipients

2018 DOSA

2018 DOSA Recipients

2017 DOSA

2017 DOSA recipients.

2016 DOSA

2016 DOSA recipients.

2015 DOSA

2015 DOSA recipients.

2014 DOSA

2014 DOSA recipients.

2013 DOSA

2013 DOSA recipients.

Past DOSA Recipients

2004-2009, 2010, and 2012 DOSA recipients.