Data in the Time of COVID

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Data in the Time of COVID

Data in the Time of COVID



Since COVID-19 hit, researchers have been trying to uncover the nature and impact of the virus – why it affects some more than others, are we doing enough testing, what will happen next?  Understanding the rapid, global spread of COVID-19 has researchers turning to advanced computational and data analytics tools.  

Join our expert panelists from Rowan University’s Department of Computer Science and Department of Molecular & Cellular Biosciences as they explore how scientists and developers are using data science,  bioinformatics, machine learning, and more to better understand COVID-19 and its impact on individuals and society.

Discussion topics include:

  • Emerging roles of bioinformatics in uncovering the critical features of COVID-19 relative to demographics, symptom severity, and genetic predispositions. 
  • Has the Summit Supercomputer cracked the COVID code?  How using supercomputers for genetic data mining provides insight on the virus and potential therapies.
  • COVID-19 “mythbusting” with data analytics: Does more testing lead to more cases?  Are we in a first or second wave?  Are we turning the corner? 
  • Can artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, and database technologies improve the accuracy of contact tracing and help us respond better?  Learn how the NFL and others are using these technologies.



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