Jason Heindl, Ph.D.

Jason Heindl, Ph.D.

Jason Heindl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jason Heindl, Ph.D.
Biological & Biomedical Sciences & Research

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856-256-4500 ext. 53577
Science Hall 201D



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BA (Biology), Amherst College (1997)
PhD (Microbiology), Harvard University (2010)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University (2010-2015)

Research Expertise:
Microbiology | Bacterial cell biology| Biofilms | Bacterial genetics | Prokayrotic development

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Recent Publications:

Failor, K.C., Aryal, P., Brock, M., Gohlich, C., and J.E. Heindl. (2021) "Integration of the Cell Cycle and Development in Agrobacterium tumefaciens." Invited book chapter for "Cell Cycle Regulation and Development in Alphaproteobacteria." To be published by Springer Nature. Accepted.

Alelaiwi, S.H., Sivaganesh, V., Heindl, J.E., Peethambaran, B., and J.R. McKee (2021) "Structure-Activity Relationship of 2-aminodibenzothiophene Pharmacophore and the Discovery of Aminobenzothiophenes as Potent Inhibitors of Mycobacterium smegmatis." In revision.

Failor, K.C., Yu, W., Silver, B., and J.E. Heindl (2021) "Biofilm Disruption and Cactericidal Activity of Aqueous Ozone Coupled with Ultrasonic Dental Scaling." In press.

Hertzog, J.R., Zhang, Z., Bignan, G., Connolly, P.J., Heindl, J.E., Janetopoulos, C.J., Rupnow, B.A., and T.M. McDevitt. (2020) "AKR1CR Mediates Pan-AR Antagonist Resistance in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer." The Prostate 80(4):1223-1232.

Budnick, J.A., Sheehan, L.M., Ginder, M.J., Failor, K.C., Perkowski, J.M., Pinto, J.F., Kohl, K.A., Kang, L., Michalak, P., Luo, L., Heindl, J.E., and C.C. Caswell. (2020) "A Central Role for the Transcriptional Regulator VtlR in Small RNA-Mediated Gene Regulation in Agrobacterium tumefaciens." Sci. Rep. 10(1):14968. *Co-corresponding author

Heindl, J.E., Crosby, D., Brar, S., Pinto, J.F., Singletary, T., Merenich, D., Eagan, J.L., Buechlein, A.M., Bruger, E.L., Waters, C.M., and C. Fuqua. (2019) "Reciprocal Control of Motility and Biofilm
Formation by the PdhS2 Two-Component Sensor Kinase of Agrobacterium tumefaciens." Microbiology 165(2):146-162. Recommended as of special significance in its field on F1000Prime. *Corresponding author.