Maggie Panning Pearce, Ph.D.

Maggie Panning Pearce, Ph.D.

Maggie Panning Pearce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Maggie Panning Pearce, Ph.D.
Biological & Biomedical Sciences & Research

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856-256-4500 ext. 53585
Science Hall 256E



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Biology of Aging (St. Joseph's University)   
Biotechnology Lab (St. Joseph's University)     
General Biology II lab (St. Joseph's University)  
Genes & Brains (St. Joseph's University)   
Genetics for Physician Assistants (St. Joseph's University)   
Introductory Biology I Lab (St. Joseph's University)   
Introductory Biology II Lab (St. Joseph's University) 
Introduction to Genetics (Rowan University) 
Phage Hunters / SEA PHAGES I Lab (St. Joseph's University)  
Phage Hunters / SEA PHAGES II Lab (St. Joseph's University)  
Special Topics: neurogenetics (St. Joseph's University)   


BS (Biochemistry), Le Moyne College (2003)
PhD (Pharmacology), SUNY Upstate Medical University (2009)
Postdoctorate, Stanford University (2009-2015)

Research Expertise:
Cell Biology | Genetics | Neuroscience | Pharmacology | 

Member of: 
American Society for Cell Biology 
Association for Women in Science   
Genetics Society for America 
Society for Neuroscience

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Recent Publications: (
* graduate student  trainee or †undergraduate student trainee)


Donnelly KM*, Coleman CM†, Fuller ML†, Reed VL†, Smerina D†, Tomlinson DS† and Panning
Pearce MM. (2022) Hunting for the Cause: Evidence for prion-like mechanisms in Huntington’s
disease. Front Neurosci 16:946822

Donnelly KM*, DeLorenzo OR†, Zaya ADA, Pisano GE†, Thu W†, Luo L, Kopito RR, and Panning
Pearce MM (2020) Phagocytic glia are obligatory intermediates in transmission of mutant huntingtin
aggregates across neuronal synapses. eLife 9:e58499 (PMID: 32463364)

van der Goot AT, Pearce MMP, Leto DE, Shaler TA, and Kopito RR (2018) Redundant and
antagonistic roles of XTP3B and OS9 in decoding glycan and non-glycan degrons in ER-associated
degradation. Mol Cell 70(3): 516-30 (PMID: 29706535)

Donnelly KM* and Pearce MMP (2018) Monitoring cell-to-cell transmission of prion-like protein
aggregates in Drosophila melanogaster. J Vis Exp, 133:e56906 (PMID: 29578503)

Pearce MMP and Kopito RR (2018) Prion-like characteristics of polyglutamine-containing proteins.
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med pii:a024257 (PMID: 28096245)

Pearce MMP (2017) Prion-like transmission of pathogenic protein aggregates in genetic models of
neurodegenerative disease. Curr Opin Gen Dev 44:149-55 (PMID: 28441621)