WeBWorK instructions for instructor

WeBWorK instructions for instructor

WeBWorK instructions for instructor

Updated 1/08/2018


  1. Creating a WeBWorK page for your course: please send an email to Hieu Nguyen (nguyen@rowan.edu) to request your course. Please provide the following information
  • Instructor name: (e.g. Hieu Nguyen)
  • Instructor email address: (e.g. nguyen@rowan.edu)
  • Course name: (e.g. Discrete Math)
  • Course number: (e.g. 03150)
  • Section number(s): (e.g. 1 & 2 if you want to combine multiple sections)

(list additional courses if desired)


  1. Logging into WeBWorK and changing your password:
    • Go to https://webwork.rowan.edu/webwork2/
    • Click on your course from the drop down list, then enter your username/password to log in.
    • To change your password, choose User Settings tab on the menu on the left, enter your current and new password. Make sure to click on “Change user settings”. You are good to go.


  1. Adding students to your course:

There are two ways to add students to your webwork course: you can do it manually or upload a roster file. This 11-minute video explains you how to do in both ways. It also explains how to edit students’ information or delete students from the class list. 


  1. Creating homework assignments & assigning homework to students:

You can create a new homework assignment from scratch or, for certain courses, you can import available assignments. This 13-minute video explains how to do so in both ways (make sure to choose the video quality of 720p or 1080HD modes to see the text more clearly). It also shows you how to edit homework assignments (for example, adding more problems to a homework set, deleting problems, changing due dates (for all students or for a particular student), changing the number of attempts.


  1. Exporting scores to Excel: this short video explains how to export students’ scores from webwork to excel.