Ping Lu, Ph.D.

Ping Lu, Ph.D.

Ping Lu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ping Lu, Ph.D.
Chemistry & Biochemistry

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Science Hall 301I


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BS & MS (Chemistry), Donghua University, China

PhD (Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry), University of California, Davis

Postdoctoral (Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering), Washington University in St. Louis

Postdoctoral (Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University


Research Expertise:

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Polymer and Biomolecular Science | Catalysis | Renewable Energy Storage


My research involves the fabrication, synthesis and characterization of green and sustainable materials for energy, environmental and health applications. My research interests include 1) high-performance catalytical system, 2) green energy storage system, and 3) eco-friendly fabrication and synthesis of nanomaterials. My research goals head towards two directions: 1) exploration of the cutting-edge applications of nanomaterials in environmental, energy and health fields; and 2) development of simple methods for eco-friendly fabrication and synthesis of nanomaterials.


Member of:

American Chemical Society (ACS)

Materials Research Society (MRS)


Recent Publications:

Qi J, Xie Y, Liang H, Wang Y, Ge T, Song Y, Wang M, Li Q, Yu H, Fan Z, Liu S, Wang Q, Liu Y, Li J, Lu P*, Chen W (2019) Lightweight, flexible, thermally-stable, and thermally-insulating aerogels derived from cotton nanofibrillated cellulose. ACS Sustainable Chem Eng. 7: 9202-9210.


Dai Y, Lu P, Cao Z, Campbell CT, Xia Y (2018) The physical chemistry and materials science behind sinter-resistant catalysts. Chem Soc Rev. 47: 4314-4331.


Lu P*, Chen W, Fan J, Ghaban R, Zhu M (2018) Thermally triggered nanocapillary encapsulation of lauric acid in polystyrene hollow fibers for efficient thermal energy storage. ACS Sustainable Chem Eng. 6: 2656-2666.


Lu P*, Chen W, Zhu M, Murray S (2018) Embedding lauric acid into polystyrene nanofibers to make high-capacity membranes for efficient thermal energy storage. ACS Sustainable Chem Eng. 5: 7249-7259.


Vara M, Lu P, Yang X, Lee CT, Xia Y (2017) A photochemical, room-temperature, and aqueous route to the synthesis of Pd nanocubes enriched with atomic steps and terraces on the side faces. Chem Mater. 29: 4563-4571.