Minor in Data Science

Minor in Data Science

Minor in Data Science

The minor in Data Science is designed to give students a strong foundation in programming, data structures, statistics, and data mining. The program will allow students to be able to use data science skills in any area of specialization, and it prepares them to work as Big Data analysts or to take advantage of large amounts of data in their own disciplines. In addition, the program will allow students to be able to understand issues related to ethics and privacy concerns posed by data mining.

Through the Program Goals, Student Learning Goals and Student Learning Outcomes below, this minor will:

  • Provide exposure to programming and statistical techniques useful in any discipline and sought after by many employers
  • Provide exposure to data analytics techniques, tools, and methodologies.
  • Encourage fundamental discovery in data analytics.
  • Enable the students to attain the highest standards in professional and ethical practice.

Program Guide

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Graphical Pre-req Guide

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