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Physics & Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy @ Rowan University

The Physics and Astronomy department at Rowan University fosters a high-energy environment designed to challenge and stimulate each of our students. A strong assortment of laboratory experiences not typically found at the undergraduate level, complement the student-centered classroom experience.

Our program, housed in Science Hall, has twelve distinct research facilities, allowing for student-faculty collaborative research. These facilities include labs for magnetic properties, computatinal physics and astronomy, physical properties, microscopy, biophysics optics, thin film depostion, condensed matter laser trapping, laser spectroscopy, biomaterials, and biophysics.

In academics, our department has regularly compared well against our region and the nation.  In a recent compilation of statistics our department was noted as a "Top Educator"; we produced, on average, 31 graduates per year which is tied for 4th in the nation among Bachelor’s Degree Institutions.  In the previous study, were listed as 7th in the nation in degrees earned by Underrepresented Minorities (more recent stats are not yet available).  Closer to home, our department had the 2nd highest number of degree earning students in New Jersey comapred to all institutions that submitted data (see table on p. 11 of linked APS report).

We encourage students to participate in our active academic clubs. One of our most popular organizations, the Physics Club, has won Outstanding Chapter for its zone several times. As members of the club, students engage outreach out to local high schools, host regional meetings, and visit local academic and industry labs to see how their degree can turn into a fulfilling career.

The department also participates in the Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC), a nationwide project that has the mission of improving and promoting the education of future physics teachers.

Our graduates go on to facinating careers in industry and teaching or futhering their education with graduate study.

So look around our site and see what Rowan Physics is doing and how you can be a part of it!

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