Student Research

Student Research

Student Research Opportunities

One of the strengths of the Physics & Astronomy Department programs at Rowan is the opportunities undergraduate students have to work on meanful research programs with faculty mentors.

The BS Physics and BS Biophysics degree programs have a required 2-semester research class component typically taken during your junior (physics) or senior (biophysics) year.

Independent Research

Typically taken by physics majors after completeing their junior year research sequence, students may be able to continue working with faculty on independent projects.  Contact Dr. Jeff Hettinger for more information on registering for this.

Summer Research

Our department participates in the CSM College-wide Summer Undergraduate Reseach Program.  There will typically be a sign-up period announced by CSM in their students newsletter as well as the department student newsletter.  Sign up typically takes place in early spring semester.

Co-op Program with Lockheed-Martin

The Cooperative Education Program allows students to gain valuable experiential learning through a full-semester in a technical position.

Instead of taking the regular set of courses during their junior year spring semester, students would be on co-op working full time for Lockheed-Martin.  Participation in the Co-op Program is completely voluntary. However, all co-op students would be required to coordinate with the Office of Career Advancement to help accommodate their individual financial aid and housing needs, as well as meet with their CS Academic Advisors to refine their plan of study with possible Spring-Summer courses for a timely graduation.  You may contact the department for more details.

Other External Opportunities

Students are also strongly encouraged to apply for internships and resarch assistantships that span the nation.  Check out the sites and presentations below for details. 

Before you can begin working... must complete the online CITI Training.  Everyone must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research and General Laboratory Safety Training modules.  Other modules may be required based on the type of reseach you are completing. must create your student research profile.