Student Research

Student Research

Student Research Opportunities

One of the strengths of the Physics & Astronomy Department programs at Rowan is the opportunities undergraduate students have to work on meanful research programs with faculty mentors.

Before you can begin working in a lab, you must complete the online CITI Training.  Everyone must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research and General Laboratory Safety Training modules.  Other modules may be required based on the type of reseach you are completing.

In addition, to gain card access to a lab you will need to fill out the Lab Room Card Access request form.  This will generate a request to the department chair that will, typically, be processed within 48 hours.

Both the BS Physics and BS Biophysics degree programs have a required research class component.  In additon the department participates in the College-wide Summer Undergraduate Reseach Program.  Students are also strongly encouraged to apply for internships and resarch assistantships that span the nation.  Check out the sites and presentations below for details