Student Resources

Student Resources

Student Resources

The pages and links in this section are designed to help orient current students in the Department of Physics & Astronomy.
Your reading assignment begins with the Student Affairs Policies and especially the Student Code of Conduct.  These are your basic "rules and regulations" for being a Rowan Student.
Next we have the approximately monthly Department Newsletter.  These will be emailed to you directly as a PDF attachment.  These will keep you informed of upcoming events, potential reserach assistantships and job internships, as well as graduate school and employment opportunities.  If you ever misplace your copy, you can find it again at our Department newsletter archive page.
Finally, you can check out the features below for more specific information.

Classes and Programs

If you are taking a class from, or in a major pogram of, Physics & Astronomy, you can get information on texts, topic, labs, and when courses are offered.

Career Planning

What can you do with a Physics degree?  What are the next steps?  Find out about graduate school, jobs, and teaching!

Student Research

Find out about all your options for undergraduate reserach opportunities!

Student Organizations

Find out about all your options for Student Organizations!

Interesting Links

Find some Interesting Links!

SPS Zone 3 Meeting 2022

The Society of Physics Students Zone 3 Meeting will be held in Science Hall at Rowan University in Glassboro NJ on Saturday 9 April from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.