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Are you an incoming freshman, or a student who is transferring to Rowan this fall or considering changing your major to Psychology? If so, you probably have many questions regarding what courses you will need, and when to take them.

The Department of Psychology encourages all psychology majors to meet with their academic advisor within the department at least once a semester. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss course selection, progress towards graduation requirements, academic planning, graduate school and/or career plans. It is the student's responsibility to schedule these meetings to ensure that any deficiencies that would delay graduation are identified early enough to be not delay graduation. This is especially crucial with respect to the three sequenced foundational courses in both the BA in Psychology and the BS in Psychological Science (Psychology of Scientific Thinking, Statistics in Psychology and Research Methods in Psychology). These courses  must be taken in order, over a minimum of three semesters. For questions about the BA in Psychology, the BS in Psychological Science, please email

For additional information about Rowan University Academic Advising Services, check here.


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Transfer Credits

Transfer students may transfer a maximum total of 90 credit hours from other institutions. Transfer students, therefore, must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at Rowan University to earn a  degree at Rowan University. All psychology majors are strongly urged to take the majority of their psychology courses at Rowan University. Students should consult with their advisor (see above) before taking courses at other institutions to insure the credits will be accepted by Rowan.

Pass/No Credit

Psychology majors make take up to 10% of their Rowan credit hours as pass/no credit including 6 credit hours in Psychology. Students may not take Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics in Psychology, Behavioral Assessment and Measurement, Applied Behavior Analysis, or Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis or their 400 level courses as pass/no credit.

For questions about the BA in Psychology or BS in Psychological Science, please email