Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

The Psychology Department of Rowan University houses 18 different research labs that specialize in a variety of areas. Our faculty are dedicated to investigating important topics in the field of Psychology, as well as to mentoring students throughout the research process. Joining a research lab as an undergraduate can be a very rewarding and beneficial experience. As an undergraduate lab member, you can:​

·       Be an active part of the research process

·       Gain valuable professional skills that are critical for future career paths

·       Learn how to be part of a team of researchers

·       Gain experience that is relevant for graduate school and beyond

·       Enhance your knowledge of research topics of interest

If you are interested in applying as a research assistant for one of the labs in the Psychology Department, please fill out this application form, or if you have any questions at all, please email us at psychresearch@rowan.edu.

Are you currently working in a faculty research lab? Do you want to get course credit for that work? You can if you enroll in PSY 01426 Research Clinic in Psychology (3 credits). 

PSY 01426 Research Clinic in Psychology (3 credits) is an experiential learning course that allows students who are working in faculty research labs to gain course credit for their research experiences. The faculty research mentor and student will work together to identify the responsibilities and deliverables expected for this course. To register for PSY 01426 Research Clinic, you need to be a Psychology (BA) or Psychological Science (BS) major, have completed PSY 07303 Research Methods in Psychology, and be actively working in a research lab in a psychology-related field at Rowan University. Students can register for the course up to two times with one counting toward the psychology elective requirement and the other counting as a free elective. This is a great opportunity to get credit for work you are doing and to have research experience listed on your transcript. To register for PSY 01426 Research Clinic in Psychology, email the instructor for permission if you have been accepted into a faculty research laboratory or contact PsychResearch@rowan.edu for information about being placed in a lab.