Math Minor

Math Minor

Minor in Mathematics

The study of Mathematics enables a person to understand the nature and functioning of different mathematical systems and the process of solving problems related to these areas. Moreover, the increasing need for mathematical analysis of modern day problems will provide good employment opportunities for mathematically trained individuals in government and international agencies, education, business, and industry. People trained in mathematics are needed to solve many of the technical problems of the future.

The Minor in Mathematics encourages and facilitates the acquisition of mathematical skills and concepts. It thus provides an added dimension to a student's program. Students wishing to Minor in Mathematics must take 21 semester hours including 15 semester hours in required core courses and 6 semester hours in the aproved math electives listed below.


  1. A 2.0 G.P.A is required in the Minor courses. At least 6 credits must be taken at Rowan University
  2. A number of the elective courses require Discrete Math as a prerequisite. Prerequisite override forms will not be signed without documentation of equivalent subject matter in another course. All courses denoted with an asterisk either have Discrete Math as a prerequisite or have another prerequisite for which DM is a prerequisite.

In order to Minor in Math you must select Track 1 or Track 2.