Statistics Minor

Statistics Minor

Minor in Statistics and Operations Research

The minor in Statistics and Operations Research is designed to increase the mathematics major's abilities in data analysis, mathematical modeling, algorithmic reasoning, and problem-solving, as well as one's knowledge in the fields of probability and mathematical statistics. The minor provides a viable background for graduate study in these fields, employment in virtually any industry, preparation for the actuarial exam P/1, and the training necessary to teach AP statistics. It consists of 18 credit hours as apportioned as follows:

• 6 required credits and
• 12 elective credits

Two Required Courses                                                                                                
STAT 02.320 - Concepts in Statistical Data Analysis (3 credits)
STAT 02.290 - Probability and Statistical Inference for Computing Systems (3 credits)                  
STAT 02.286 - Probability & Statistics for Electrical & Computer Engineering (3 credits)    
STAT 02.284 - Statistics for the Biomedical Sciences (3 credits)
STAT 02.360 - Probability and Random Variables (3 credits)   

Four Elective Courses from the Following List
MATH 03.411 - Deterministic Models in Operations Research (3 credits) 
MATH 03.412 - Stochastic Models in Operations Research (3 credits) 
STAT 02.361 - Mathematical Statistics (3 credits) 
STAT 02.371 - Design of Experiments: Analysis of Variance (3 credits) 
STAT 02.340 - Elements of Statistical Learning (3 credits) 
STAT 02.350 - Regression Analysis (3 credits) 
STAT 02.311 - Statistical Computing (3 credits) 
STAT 02.323: - Special Topics in Statistics (3 credits) 
STAT 02.450 - Advanced Data Analysis (Multivariate and Bayesian) (3 credits) 

This Minor is not available to students enrolled in the B.A. in Mathematics, Statistics concentration program.