Math Team

Math Team

Math Team

Our Mission:

"To promote math awareness and interest on Rowan's campus and to educate the importance of math. To serve as a gathering place, as well as an academic resource for all students interested in math. To participate in competitions and community service projects."

Information on all Math Team meetings will be e-mailed to all math majors. Interested math majors and others are encouraged to attend. Meetings are held both virtually through Zoom and in various places around campus. Join the Math Team roster on Proflink to be updated on the location of our meetings as well as have access to the Zoom link for each meeting. (The Math Team is an SGA Club)


Math Team (Constitution)


We are an organization that loves math, but also loves to have fun! All are welcome to participate in Math Team! We have many active math majors, education majors, computer science, etc., so you are not required to be a math major to join or participate. We compete in state and national mathematics competitions (not required) as well as provide free drop-in tutoring, host game nights, research events, and engage in on campus events for children who enjoy STEM! Math Team is a great way to meet new people, get involved in campus life, practice your skills, and get involved in the professional field. Come join us to see what we are all about! Please join our roster on ProfLink to receive the most recent updates using the link below.



Fall 2023 Meetings and Events:

As of right now, the remaining events we are hosting are listed below. We will update the upcoming events list with any additional events that may be added. Please join our ProfLink Roster to receive updates and reminders from us. General meetings are typically broken into two segments, first and foremost we will cover any important updates then we will run an activity specific to that meeting. 

Next general meeting is Tues, Oct 11 at 6 pm in Robinson Hall room 308


Math Team Volunteer Tutoring: 

Math Team supports the Drop-In Tutoring in the MLC. All math team members are required to participate in a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer tutoring per semester. These count directly towards each member's volunteer hour requirement and are reported to SGA. To sign-up to tutor please email Ben Ballier at Please include times you are available and subjects you are comfortable tutoring. To check if a tutor who can help you is available please use the schedule link below. 


Tutors who have signed up for tutoring must log their hours in the shared Google Sheet. If you have signed up to tutor but do not have access to this please email Ben Ballier at

Tutoring Schedule