Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Ik Jae Lee, Transcript Evaluator; Math Minor Advisor
*Advisor to all Pre-Math and non-Math majors
856-256-4500, ext. 3513 or 856-256-4844

1. What is the maximum number of transfer credits acceptable?
The residency requirement for a Rowan degree is 30 credits: at least 15 credits in the major. Total transfer credits allowed is 75 from a four year college and 60 from a two year college. While the Rowan residency requirement is 30 semester hours, at least 18 s.h. of Mathematics must be completed at Rowan toward a B.A. program and 43 s.h. for the B.S. program.

2. What accreditation does Rowan recognize?
Generally Rowan recognizes all accrediting agencies

3. What is the maximum number of semester hours accepted toward the major requirements?
21 semester hours: (of these, 18 in the Core and 3 in the Restricted Elective Area)
Up to 18 semester hours excepted in the Free Electives and up to 61 semester hours accepted to the General Ed. Area

4. What is the maximum age of external transfer credits accepted in toward your program?
7 years either to the Major or the General Education

5. What is the policy concerning D grades?
A 'D' grade is not accepted in the Major course work, nor in the General Education Required by the Major.

6. What is the policy concerning P/NC grades? What about 300 level or higher level professional courses?
They are not accepted in the Major Course Work, but are accepted for course work that is not required.
300 level or higher professional courses are transferable up to 6 s.h.

7. What is the total amount of credits required for graduation?

8. What is the minimum GPA acceptable?
A 2.5 in major courses is needed to graduate and a 2.0 in over all course work.

9. What are the lab requirements?
Only a 4 s.h. science course will fulfill the lab requirement

10. Are there any specific requirements needed to apply for a major?
No specific requirements are needed to apply to the B.A. Major
To apply for the B.S. Degree, a 3.0 GPA is needed in Calculus I, II, III and Linear Algebra.

Exam - Calculus AB; Score of 4; Rowan equivalent - 1701.130 Calculus I; Semester hours - 4
Please note: Score of 3=3cr of Ge Math for non Math or Science or Engineering majors.

Exam - Calculus BC; Score of 4; Rowan equivalent - 1701.131 Calculus II; Semester hours - 4
Exam - Statistics; Score of 4; Rowan equivalent - 1702.260 Statistics I; Semester hours - 3
Exam - Statistics; Score of 3; Rowan equivalent - 1702.100 Elem. Statistics; Semester hours - 3

12. How do I find out about taking a course at another institution?
Information is available on the Registrar's page.