Math Student Spotlight

Math Student Spotlight

Rowan University's Math Student Spotlight

Emily Hammett - Class of 21

Having attended Rowan College of South Jersey, I chose Rowan University because it seemed like the natural next step. My major is Mathematics, and I have minors in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research, and Spanish, with an Honors concentration. I have been doing research with Dr. Abdul Hassen in analytic number theory, generalizing the Bernoulli and Euler numbers and polynomials. After Rowan, I plan on going to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics. My career plan is to become a professor.


Brooke McGinley - Class of 21

I initially did not choose Rowan as I had better athletic opportunities at other institutions. However, after changes in which degree programs were offered at my first University I knew I needed to transfer to a University where I could really focus on my academic success. When I was looking at local universities, I felt Rowan was the place for me. It was apparent that there were ample opportunities for students at Rowan University. While attending Rowan I was able to not only fulfill my curriculum requirements, but faculty in the math department went above and beyond to offer research opportunities as well. At Rowan, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Statistics and a Bachelor of Arts in Computing & Informatics with a minor in Data Analytics. I researched under both Dr. Papachristou and Dr. Thayasivam in the field of statistics. After graduation in May, I will be relocating to pursue a PhD in Biostatistics at Boston University. Hopefully, after successfully finishing the program I will be able to secure a job as a Research Professor in the field of Biostatistics. My dream job is to be a Research Professor, who makes contributions to public health as well as mentors the next generation of Biostatisticians. 


Quyn Ulrich - Class of 21

I chose Rowan University because of recommendations from people I know, and for the convenience of location to where I live.  I heard good things about the Mathematics department, which increased my interest in what Rowan had to offer. My major is a B.S. in Mathematics with a minor in Applied Mathematics and a Honors concentration. During my first semester after transferring to Rowan, I began doing research with Dr. Hassen and Emily Hammet on hyperbolic euler and bernoulli polynomials and their applications. This is the research I have been involved in up to the present moment. My plans after graduation are to begin studying Mathematics at the Graduate level at Drexel University. I will be attending their Master's level degree program to further my education. My dream job would be to work in an engineering or computer science related field where I can apply my knowledge throughout my education to applied problems of today. I prefer the applications related to electrical engineering, so my focus would be to find a career within that engineering field. 


Bener Uygun - Class of 21

I chose Rowan University because I loved the small college town feel that the campus has, and I felt like it was the perfect distance from home for me. Here at Rowan, I am a mathematics major with a concentration on education, as well as a physics minor. Unfortunately, I have not gotten to work on research while at Rowan. In the upcoming year, I plan on attending the MA in STEM education program here at Rowan, in which I will be student teaching. After this program, I hope to become a middle school or high school mathematics teacher.


Logan Borys - Class of 21

I choose Rowan University because the campus was beautiful and I loved that there were surrounding shops on Rowan Blvd right near campus. I also got to meet some professors when I visited and really liked the Math department and the types of routes you could take with your math degree, like the 4+1 Masters option. I had been given the wonderful opportunity to work in research with Professor Hieu Ngyuen on Machine learning with error-correcting codes my junior year. I am a Mathematics major with a Statistics minor at Rowan. As well, in my senior year, I am working with Professor Uma and Professor Grinias for research on visualization for chromatography. Professor Grinias is from the Chemistry department. My plans after Rowan are to study at the University of Delaware for my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. My dream job would be a Professor at a university.