Danielle Arigo, Ph.D.

Danielle Arigo, Ph.D.

Danielle Arigo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Danielle Arigo, Ph.D.

Contact Info
856-256-4500 ext. 53775
Robinson Hall 116G


Website: https://drarigo.wordpress.com/ 

B.S., Psychology, Drexel University
M.S., Clinical Psychology, Syracuse University
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology (health emphasis), Syracuse University
Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine, Drexel University
    -   Eating and Weight Disorders Research Program/WELL Center

Research Expertise:
Social influences on health and health behavior | Digital health | Women’s health | Physical activity | Eating behavior, eating disorders, weight control, and body image | Chronic illness

Honors and Awards:      

Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award (Mentor): International Behavioral Trials Network (2022)
Excellence in Research Award: Rowan University College of Science and Mathematics (2022)
Short-Term Research Travel Grant: Bayreuth Humboldt Centre of International Excellence, University of Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Germany; 2021)
Women’s Health Special Interest Group Professional Abstract Award: Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine (2021)
Scholar: Mixed Methods Research Training Program, John’s Hopkins University (2021)
Frances R. Lax Professional Development Award: Rowan University (2020)
Scholar: Methodology Center Data Analysis Summer Institute, Penn State University (2018 & 2019)
Distinguished Service Award: Behavioral Informatics and Technology SIG, Society of Behavioral Medicine (2017)
Early Career Travel Award: Society of Behavioral Medicine (2016 & 2017)
Scholar: NHLBI-Sponsored PRIDE-Cardiovascular Disease Program, SUNY Downstate (2015)
Scholar: Young Investigator Colloquium, American Psychosomatic Society (2014)

Member of:  Society of Behavioral Medicine
Chair: Membership Council (and member of the Board of Directors)
Committee Member: Civic & Public Engagement Committee

Recent Academic Projects: 

Women’s Health And Daily Experiences (Project WHADE) – NIH-funded intensive assessment research to (1) investigate relations between social experiences and physical activity among women in midlife at risk for cardiovascular disease, and (2) use this information to improve physical activity interventions tailored for women in midlife with elevated risk. Part of this project involves developing and testing a new digital tool to assess activity-specific social support preferences among women in midlife (with Dr. Andrea Lobo, Rowan Computer Science Department). A recent, related award supports an examination of women’s physical activity patterns over 7 days, to test for evidence of “measurement reactivity.” (See Rowan Today story here.)

Project FitLink – NIH-funded clinical trial testing the effects of sharing self-monitoring data on weight loss and long-term maintenance. Data are shared with coaches, friends/family, and/or other participants, to determine the optimal combination of sharing to support long term weight control (though Drexel University’s WELL Center; PI Meghan Butryn, Drexel University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences).

NMI Supporters – SAMHSA-funded user-centered design project to develop and test a new digital tool to promote naloxone carrying behavior among support persons for patients with opioid use disorders (with RowanSOM’s Neuromusculoskeletal Institute [NMI] and Dr. Andrea Lobo, Rowan Computer Science Department)

Recent Publications:

Arigo, D., Romano, K.A., Pasko, K., Travers, L., Ainsworth, M.C., Jackson, D. A., & Brown, M.M. (in press). A scoping review of behavior change techniques used to promote physical activity among women in midlife. Frontiers in Psychology.

Arigo, D., & König, L.M. (in press). Examining reactivity to the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior among women in midlife with elevated risk for cardiovascular disease. Psychology & Health.

Arigo, D., Brown, M.M., Shank, F., & Young, C.M. (in press). Ecological momentary assessment of relations between social interactions and physical activity outcomes among women in midlife with CVD risk conditions. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Arigo, D., Travers, L., & König, L.M. (in press). Pain experiences among women in midlife with existing health conditions: Changes across pre-COVID-19, stay-at-home orders, and initial reopening. Psychology & Health.

Arigo, D., Roberts, S.R., & Butryn, M.L. (in press). Social comparisons between group members during behavioral weight loss treatment: Comparison direction, scale, and associations with weight loss maintenance. Psychology & Health.

Brown, M.M., & Arigo, D. (2022). Changes in life circumstances and mental health symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic among midlife women with elevated risk for cardiovascular disease. Journal of Women and Aging, 34(5), 637-648.

Arigo, D., Lobo, A.F., Ainsworth, M.C., Baga, K., & Pasko, K. (2022). Development and initial testing of a personalized, adaptive, and socially focused web tool to support physical activity among women in midlife: Multidisciplinary and user-centered design approach. JMIR Formative Research, 6(7), e36280.

Nastasi, J.A., Curry, E.M., Martinez, R.E., Arigo, D., & Raiff, B.R. (2022). Stepping Up: An evaluation of social comparison of physical activity during Fitbit challenges. Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science, 7, 265–276.

Arigo, D., & Torous, J. (2022). Development of a mobile assessment tool for understanding social comparison processes among individuals with schizophrenia. JMIR Formative Research, 6(5), e36541.

Arigo, D., Hevel, D., Bittel, K., & Maher, J.P. (2022). Within-person examination of the exercise intention-behavior gap among women in midlife with elevated cardiovascular disease risk. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 60, 102138.

MacIntyre, R. I., Heron, K. E., Dawson, C. A., Filipkowski, K. B., & Arigo, D. (2021). Does assessment alter responses? An examination of measurement reactivity in an ecological momentary assessment of body comparisons. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 40(4), 304-332.

Arigo, D., Mogle, J.A., Brown, M.M., & Gupta, A. (2021). A multi-study approach to refining ecological momentary assessment measures for use among midlife women with elevated risk for cardiovascular disease. mHealth, 7, 143.

Arigo, D., Mogle, J.A., & Smyth, J.M. (2021). Relations between social comparisons and physical activity among women in midlife with elevated risk for cardiovascular disease: An ecological momentary assessment study. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 44(5), 579-590.

Arigo, D., Brown, M.M., &*DiBisceglie, S. (2021). Experimental effects of fitspiration messaging on body satisfaction, exercise motivation, and exercise behavior among college women and men. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 11(7), 1441–1450.

Pasko, K., & Arigo, D. (2021). Perceptions of fitspiration posts on social media and subjective wellbeing Indicators among college students: The potential roles of social comparison orientation and regulatory focus. JMIR Mental Health, 8(9), e26204.

Arigo, D., Ainsworth, M.C., Pasko, K., Brown, M.M., & Travers, L. (2021). Predictors of change in BMI over 10 years among midlife and older adults: Associations with gender, CVD risk status, depressive symptoms, and social support. Social Science & Medicine, 279, 113995.

Arigo, D., Jake-Schoffman, D.E., Wolin, K., Beckjord, E., & Hekler, E.B., & Pagoto, S.L. (2019). The history and future of digital health in the field of behavioral medicine. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 42, 67-83.

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Arigo, D., Suls, J., & Smyth, J.M. (2014). Social comparisons and chronic illness: Literature synthesis and clinical implications. Health Psychology Review, 8, 154-214.