Roberta Dihoff, Ph.D.

Roberta Dihoff, Ph.D.

Roberta Dihoff, Ph.D.

Contact Info
856-256-4500 ext. 5-3783
Robinson Hall 116P


BA (Psychology), Rutgers University
MA (Child Development) Universty of Wisconsin- Madison
PhD (Human Development) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Expertise:
Clinical child development and assessment

The majority of my research focuses on the factors affecting and techniques to improve performance in children, especially those with developmental challenges. I have worked with young children (0-5) in several States since 1993 in a variety of capacities, including medical settings.

Honors and Awards:
Previous Executive Officer for Eastern Psychological Association

Member of:
Eastern Psychological Association

Recent Publications:
Brosvic GM, Dihoff RE, Epstein ML, Cook MJ. (2006) Feedback Facilitates the Acquisition and Retention of Numerical Fact Series by Elementary School Students with Mathematics Learning Disabilities. The Psychological Record, 56(1) 35-54.

Brosvic GM, Cook MJ, Dihoff RE, Epstein ML. (2006) Acquisition and Retention of Esperanto: The Case for Error Correction and Immediate Feedback. The Psychological Record, 56(2) 205-218.

Brosvic GM, Epstein ML, Cook MJ, Dihoff RE. (2005) Efficacy of Error for the Correction of Initially Incorrect Assumptions and of Feedback for the Affirmation of Correct Responding: Learning in the Classroom. The Psychological Record, 55(3) 401-418.

Dihoff RE, Brosvic GM, Epstein ML, Cook MJ. (2005) Adjunctive role for immediate feedback in the acquisition and retention of mathematical fact series by elementary school students with mild mental retardation, The Psychological Record, 55(1) 39-66.