Jeffrey Greeson, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Greeson, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Greeson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Jeffrey Greeson, Ph.D.

Contact Info
Robinson Hall 116L


BA (Psychology), Swarthmore College
MS (Biomedical Chemistry), Thomas Jefferson University
PhD (Clinical Psychology), University of Miami
Post-doctoral (Health Psychology), Duke University Medical Center

Research Expertise:
Health Psychology | Integrative Medicine | Mindfulness & Stress

My translational research program integrates basic science and behavioral medicine to better understand the link between being mindful, and being healthy. In addition to studying clinical outcomes of mindfulness training to reduce stress and stress-related symptoms, we also investigate the underlying mechanisms of mindfulness. These mechanisms include a number of biological and behavioral pathways, ranging from brain activity, to stress physiology and stress hormones, to emotion regulation, sleep, immune function, and gene expression – all of which are implicated in chronic disease risk.

Honors and Awards:
Fellow, The Institute for Integrative Heath
Distinguished Fellow, NIH/OBSSR Summer Institute in Behavioral RCTs
Ruth L. Kirchstein, NHLBI Institutional Training Grant

Member of:
American Psychological Association (APA)
American Psychosomatic Society (APS)
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT)

Recent Academic Projects:
Mindfulomics: Pioneering the field of Mindfulness, Stress & Health through the ‘Omics’ Sciences
Serenity Study: NIH-funded, multisite trial to study mindfulness training to reduce stress and lower blood pressure
Serenity NOW: pilot study through Penn Mental Health AIDS Research Center to study mindfulness, HIV & depression

Recent Publications:
Greeson JM (2015) Integrating mindfulness into psychology and medicine: Growing evidence and emerging mechanisms for how to better treat stress-related conditions. The Pennsylvania Psychologist 75:16-17.

Greeson JM, Chin GR (2019). Mindfulness and physical disease: A concise review. Current Opinion in Psychology 28:204-210.

Chin GR, Anyanso VE, Greeson JM (2019). Addressing diversity in mindfulness research on health: A narrative review using the ADDRESSING framework. Cooper Rowan Medical Journal 1(1): Article 2.