HES Students Participate in Mid-Atlantic Regional NSCA Conference

Rowan Health & Exercise students and faculty had the opportunity to participate in the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Mid-Atlantic Region Conference held at Neumann University, on December 1-2, 2017. Rowan University professor Rick Howard is the NSCA Mid-Atlantic Region Coordinator and Chair of the NSCA Regional Committee. One of his main responsibilities is planning the yearly conference held at a university in the Delaware Valley. This year the attendance spiked to over 500, the most ever for any region in the country with the Rowan contingent in full force. Attending the conference was an excellent opportunity for professional development for Rowan students.

In years past the attendance was around 350. “A perfect storm of great speakers and topics, along with it being a recertification year was the key to higher attendance,” Howard commented. “Rowan was well represented and two of our faculty members did a great presentation.”

Professors Greg Biren and Daniel Freidenreich did a panel titled, Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Athletic Populations. This presentation reviewed the most common nutritional deficiencies in today’s athlete. Topics included the role of each nutrient in performance, the effect on performance, and strategies to correct the deficiencies for the purpose of enhancing performance. Biren and Freidenreich split the interactive presentation, with Freidenreich focused on specific nutrients and Biren on the practical application of getting those nutrients into the athlete’s diet.

The Rowan students also played a role, helping South Jersey Strongman, Arthur Boss, with his Functional Strength Through Strongman Event Training panel. They were instrumental in helping manage the hands-on activities as part of his presentation.

“Rowan’s representation at the conference was amazing, especially since the students have to pay their own way,” commented Howard. “It shows that the program is moving forward and continuing to grow.”

Howard has been a part time professor at Rowan since 2012. He has been involved with the NSCA since 2003 and created the Mid-Atlantic Region. He is also a professor at West Chester University of PA and at a university in Iceland, where he makes frequent visits each year.