Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics will prepare you more thoroughly for graduate work in mathematics and other disciplines.

Undergraduate Flow Chart

Use this easy-to-read flowchart to see prerequisites and more.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics prepares students to find careers in business, industry, government or education in positions such as researchers, actuaries, statisticians, analysts or teachers.

Minor in Mathematics

The Minor in Mathematics encourages and facilitates the acquisition of mathematical skills and concepts and provides an added dimension to a student's program.

Minor in Applied Mathematics

The minor in Applied Mathematics will allow you to apply various fields of mathematics in the formulation, analysis and evaluation of problems in the sciences.

Minor in Statistics and Operation Research

The Statistics and Operations Research Program will focus on your abilities in data analysis, mathematical modeling, algorithmic reasoning, problem solving, probability, and statistics.


If you are interested in becoming a New Jersey-certified teacher, please visit the College of Education website for information concerning the teacher certification programs available to mathematics majors.