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Dominick Macaluso, PhD

"I graduated from Drexel n June 2022 with my PhD in Mathematics.  My dissertation was titled  "Traveling Front Solution Stability in a Lateral Inhibition Network in the Neural Field Model."   I used Ordinary Differential Equation theory and techniques to derive analytical components of the stability analysis, while also employing Numerical Analysis to numerically approximate stability properties of the solutions to the model. During that time, I also taught at least one course per semester at Rowan, and occasionally at other colleges as well.  While at Drexel, I received several awards recognizing me for my teaching. 

In 2019, I was a finalist for the TA Excellence Award, in 2020, I was a recipient of this award, and in 2021 and 2022, I received the TA Continuing Excellence Award.  In addition, I also was a recipient of the Math Department's Al Herr Teaching Award. In my time as a Data Analyst with Penn Medicine, my work is primarily focused on requesting, generating, processing, refining, manipulating, summarizing, and managing large sets of patient data to assist neurosurgeons, residents, clinical researchers, and medical students with research-related projects using MS Office, Python, R, and other applications as necessary.  I also assist in manuscript publication and analytical components of research projects and publications.  I have also recently began developing functions to improve efficiency of data extraction from analytics reports using Python."


James Rosado, PhD

Dr. James Rosado recently earned his Ph.D from Temple University in Mathematics, advised by Dr. Gillian Queisser. Dr. Rosado’s research is in computational neuroscience, numerical analysis, and high-performance computing, his dissertation defense is “Ultrastructural Calcium Dynamics Under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.”

In collaboration with his advisor, Dr. Rosado published two articles: “Calcium Modeling of Spine Apparatus-containing Human Dendritic Spines Demonstrates an ‘All-or-nothing’ Communication Switch Between the Spine Head and Dendrite” and “Multi-scale Modeling Toolbox for Single Neuron and subcellular Activity Under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.”

Prior to Temple University, Dr. Rosado earned his master’s in mathematics from Rowan University in 2016 and conducted research in applied linear algebra, and complex analysis, and published with Dr. Hieu Nguyen and Dr. Thomas Osler.

Dr. Rosado was awarded a dissertation completion grant at Temple University and was recently awarded compute time with the San Diego Supercomputer EXPANSE to continue research in computational mathematics. Dr. Rosado will begin employment with the federal government this September.



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