Funding Information

Funding Information

Cost of Attendance & Funding Information


All students are guaranteed funding for all 4 years of their training program as teaching assistants.

Stipend by year:                                     

  • Year 1: $9,000
  • Year 2: $10,230
  • Year 3: $12,000
  • Year 4: $12,000

Duties Required for Stipends

  1. In year 1, students serve as learning assistants to a faculty member in the department during the fall and spring semesters. Approximately 20 hours/week.
  2. In years 2-4, students are required to teach one online or in-person class during the fall and spring semesters. Approximately 20 hours/week.


  • Students in the Clinical Program pay a flat tuition fee of $1000/semester


  • In addition to tuition, students are required to pay university fees each semester.
  • Fees at Rowan University are charged according to how many semester hours you are enrolled. Thus, if fees are $100/semester hour and you enroll in 10 semester hours (made up numbers!), your charge for your fees would be $1000 and your total costs (tuition + fees) would be $2000.
  • The actual cost for fees at RU can be found here. Please note that these may change from year to year. 
  • As of 9/2023, fees are $181.40 (149.35 + 32.05) per semester hour. 
  • In order to figure out how much in fees students might pay/semester, you can look at our curriculum chart and add up the number of sh's you would be enrolled in per semester. So, for example, in the fall semester of 1st year, our students typically enroll in 13 sh's. Thus, they would pay $2,358.20 in fees (181.40 x 13). 

Additional Funding

  • Students may receive additional funding based on faculty grants or other funding opportunities. These funds may either supplement or replace program funding. For example, a student in year two might be given the opportunity to have their stipend funded by a research grant and not teach OR teach + work on a faculty research grant for additional funding.
  • All additional funding is dependent upon the availability of faculty grant funds or other funding opportunities and varies from year to year. 
  • Additional funding may require the student to work additional hours/week.

Cost of Attendance

  • Official Cost of Attendance figures are determined year to year and are traditionally introduced during the summer. Please note that the cost of attendance figures noted here do not take into account that our students only pay $1000/semester and instead are calculated based on standard tuition costs. The numbers at this site also combine "tuition and fees." 
  • Perhaps the best way to use these numbers is to get a rough estimate of the cost of living expenses in the area and in pursuing your education at RU.

Additional Notes on Funding

  1. Stipends are paid on a bi-weekly bases starting two weeks after the beginning of the Fall semester. Fall classes typically start the day after Labor Day.
  2. Stipends are taxed income and are not paid in a lump sum.
  3. Stipend contracts run from the end of September to June and students do not have funding in July and August unless they have other funding (e.g., faculty grant funding) available to them.
  4. The cost of books or other learning supplies is difficult to estimate and may vary from year to year for various reasons. Students should expect to buy some books for some classes, but many of our faculty use open source material and/or other material available to our graduate students at no cost.

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