Faculty, Students and Staff

Faculty, Students and Staff

Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Please note that all core and affiliated faculty members may be faculty research mentors in our program unless noted otherwise below.
  • Applicants to our program should indicate three faculty members with whom they might want to work and should note 3 faculty members with whom they would work on their applications ot the program
  • Which faculty members may or may not be accepting a student are not predetermined and are based on the overall quality of the prospective applicant and their match with faculty research interests.
  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to reach out to specific faculty members that they might have an interest in working with, although doing so is not a formal requirement for admissions.

Program Faculty

    • Jim A. Haugh, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
      • Etiology & treatment of depression and co-morbid anxiety; mobile technology & depression; treatment of depression in primary care.
    • D.J. Angelone, Ph.D.
    • Danielle Arigo, Ph.D.
      • Social influences on health and health behavior; digital health (smartphone apps, social media); women's health; physical activity; eating behavior; body image
      • CV
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    • Steven M. Brunwasser, Ph.D. 
      • Prevention science; perinatal mental health; depression in adolescence and emerging adulthood; developmental origins of health and disease; pediatric asthma; integrative mental health care
      • CV
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    • Tom Dinzeo, Ph.D. 
      • Schizophrenia-spectrum disorders and individual differences in personality, emotion response, cognition, and health/lifestyle behaviors.
      • CV
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    • Dustin Fife, Ph.D.
      • Research focuses on how to apply missing data strategies to adjust statistical estimates obtained with convenience samples. (Statistics)
      • CV
      • Statistics Research Lab Website
    • Katherine Oberle Gotham, Ph.D.
      • Autism, depression in ASD, repetitive thinking, emotion processing, social motivation, neurodivergent adults
      • CV
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    • Meredith C. Jones, Ph.D.
      • Dating violence and HIV prevention; adolescent/young adult romantic relationships and attachment.
      • CV
      • ASSeRT Lab WebSite
    • Jonathan M. Lassiter, Ph.D.
      • Health inequities among racial and sexual minorities; religion/spirituality-health mechanisms; intersectionality; Black/Afrocentric psychology
      • CV
      • SPIRiT Lab Website
    • Bethany Raiff, Ph.D.
      • Applied behavior analysis; technology-based interventions; smoking cessation; contingency management.
      • CV
      • HABIT Lab Website
    • Christina Simmons, Ph.D.
      • Applied behavior analysis; severe behavior; autism spectrum disorder; behavioral assessment and treatment; social validity; caregiver training

      • CV
      • SAFE Behavior Lab Website
    • Michelle Ennis Soreth, Ph.D.
      • Experimental analysis of behavior; applied behavior analysis, treatment of developmental and behavior disorders, parent training, verbal behavior.
      • CV

Affiliated Faculty

  • MaryLouise Kerwin, Ph.D.
    • Research interest is in evaluating the effect of behavioral interventions for a variety of issues/problems including pediatric feeding disorders, autism, and drug addiction, especially for mothers. (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV
  • Joanna Petrides, Psy.D
    • Focused on understanding of psychiatric disorders, how they present in a medical setting, and how to treat such disorders, as well as, ways in which to improve holistic care of patients through improved interpersonal interactions. (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV
  • Lisa Farkas, Psy.D.
    • Clinical interests are in the areas of treating emerging adults with depression and anxiety,  and in treating children and families affected by neurodevelopmental disorders. 
    • (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV
  • Melanie Freedman, Ph.D.
    • Specializes in conducting comprehensive evaluations for family court matters and parent, child, and adolescent diagnostic evaluations. (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV
  • Cori E. McMahon, Psy.D.
    • Clinical focus is in the management of chronic disease (cancer, HIV) in general and in women's issues, sexuality and sexual dysfunction, and in end-of-life specifically. (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV
  • David J Libon, Ph.D.
    • Focus is on developing new measures to operationally- define known areas of neurocognitive disability that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease/ vascular dementia spectrum dementia and mild cognitive impairment. (Not currently accepting students)
    • CV


  • Mrs. Hope Nelson, Assistant to the Director of Clinical Psychology
  • Ms. Brenda Harkins, Department Secretary
  • Mr. Daniel Dantinne, Assistant to the Department Head

Graduate Students

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