Astronomy Minor

Astronomy Minor


Astronomy Minor

An Astronomy minor is available to any student desiring a more advanced study astronomy and astrophysics with the requisite quantitative skills and background. This minor is especially useful for physics majors who are thinking about graduate work in astronomy or astrophysics, or motivated students who want an in-depth survey of modern astronomy.

Requirements (22 semester hours)

Course Semester hours
Calculus II (MATH 01.131) 4
Intro Electricity & Magnetism (PHYS 00.222) 4
Introductory Astronomy: Solar System & Exoplanets (ASTR 11.200) 3
Introductory Astrophysics (ASTR11.230) 4
Observational Astronomy (ASTR11.240) 4
Choice of one of the following:
Planetary Astronomy (ASTR11.301)
Stellar Astrophysics (ASTR11.302)
Galactic Astronomy & Cosmology (ASTR11.303)

 Note that students wishing to get more coursework related to astronomy, especially for intrumentation and design [two potential career paths], consider adding Optics and Light (PHYS00.340) and/or Optical Design (PHYS00.345).  Both of these have Modern Physics (PHYS00.300) as a prerequisite so these options would be really good for Physics majors and/or those also working on a Physics minor.