CUGS: Photonics

CUGS: Photonics

Photonics CUGS

Photonics is a growing industry; demand in areas of optical design, instrumentation design and application use, and laser-based communication systems is high and the current workforce is declining. While a generalized physics degree has allowed some to gain employment, they require significant amounts of specialized education and training to excel. This Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) allows one to get that education.

Requirements (14 semester hours)


Course Semester hours
Optics & Light (PHYS00.340) 4
Introduction to Optical Design (PHYS00.345) 4
Electricity & Magnetism II (PHYS00.321) 3
Laser Physics (PHYS00.347) 3

Note that the CUGS will require one to have a strong math (12 sh) and physics (16 sh) background, to enter the program. This means the student must have the following course equivalencies in their background:

  • Calculus I (MATH.01.130) 4 sh
  • Calculus II (MATH.01.131) 4 sh
  • Calculus III (MATH.01.230) 4 sh
  • Introductory Mechanics (PHYS.00.220) 4 sh
  • Introductory E&M (PHYS.00.222) 4 sh
  • Modern Physics (PHYS.00.300) 4sh

The following course can be considered a co-req for the program so long as it is completed before the student enters Electricity & Magnetism II (PHYS.00.321).

  • Electricity & Magnetism I (PHYS.00.320) 4 sh