The Biophysics major prepares students for medical school, graduate school in biophysics and for careers in medical industry. While a bit more specialized than the B.S. Physics, there is still enough broad scientific learning such that the degree can also lead to similar post-graduate paths.

Research Opportunities

The biophysics degree program requires students to participate in ongoing research projects in order to prepare for their own research-related activities in the future. Students will present their work publicly, either locally or at national conferences and possibly even collaborate on papers for publication.


The Department of Physics and Astronomy is located in Science Hall, a 44-million-dollar building designed to support the classes and reserach in the physical and life sciences. The building includes 27 teaching laboratories, a planetarium, and rooftop observatory with state-of-the-art telescope which all serve to further enhance the teaching of science at Rowan.

Each general physics laboratory features twelve experimental stations configured with computers and instrument interfaces which are used in introductory classes for data collection and analysis, allowing students to concentrate on physical phenomena rather than tedious measurements. Research laboratories also take advantage of computer-interfaced data acquisition.

Educational Preparation

Students who are interested in majoring in Biophysics should take a full range of high school math courses, including pre-calculus, as well as physics, chemistry, and biology.


Rowan's Biophysics program begins with general physics courses geared toward the development of mathematical and analytical skills along with introductory work in biology and chemistry. Upper level courses refine these skills, shape advanced problem-solving capabilities and begin focusing students on biological and biomedical applications of physics.

B.S. Program

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Accelerated B.S./M.S. program

A B.S. in Biophysics and M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences completed in five years instead of the typical six.