CUGS in Human Centered Health Solutions

CUGS in Human Centered Health Solutions

CUGS in Human Centered Health Solutions

Program Information

The Human Centered Health Solutions Certificate of Undergraduate Study (HCHS CUGS) will teach students how to take the complexity and limitations of human information processing into account when designing systems. They will gain an appreciation of the cognitive, physical, environmental, and social aspects in design, and understand the impact of cognitive biases. This will be attractive to Psychology students, Engineering students, Pre-Health students and to other students who are interested in learning how to improve productivity and effectiveness by designing systems, products, processes, and applications that are both usable and useful. It is extremely rare for undergraduates to gain exposure to and experience applying human factors research methods, meanwhile the demand for human factors expertise in healthcare is strong and growing each year. Graduates from this program will be attractive to employers in the healthcare sector and will have an advantage over peers in applying to graduate programs in Human Factors. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ben Swan (

Admission Requirements

  • All students are able to participate, but they must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, or obtain faculty permission.
  •  Students must have completed the following prerequisites*:
    • PSY 01107 Essentials of Psychology or PSY 01108 Essentials of Psychology for pre-health students or ENGR 01102 Freshman Engineering Clinic II or INTR 01265 Computers and Society or MCB 01102 Foundations in Biology for Biomedical Sciences II
    • PSY 07301 Statistics in Psychology or STAT 02100 Elementary Statistics or MATH 01130 Calculus I or HES 00346 Introduction to Biomechanics.
    • PSY 01327 Cognitive Psychology or Instructor Permission

*These are the same prerequisites for PSY 09400 Introduction to Human Factors, the first core course.

Core Courses

PSY 09400 Introduction to Human Factors

PSY 09401 Human Factors Methodology

Supervised Research in Human-Centered Design (see program guide for more information)

Program Guide