Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Psychology Undergraduate Programs

Rowan offers two distinct undergraduate degree programs: the B.A. in Psychology, and the B.S. in Psychological Sciences. The difference between these programs is the proportion of courses taken in the major field. For the B.A. degree, students take 33 credits in psychology while in the B.S. degree, students take 60 credits of psychology along with more designated courses in math and science and hands-on experience in research methods. The B.A. degree provides students with a sufficiently strong background in psychology to pursue degrees in a variety of professions and graduate school programs, while also affording them the opportunity to specialize in other areas through minors, concentrations, and Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS). The B.S. degree is designed for students who may be interested in pursuing research-oriented careers that may or may not require additional graduate training such as experimental psychology, clinical psychology and the medical field. Both the minor in Neuroscience and the Concentration in Behavioral Services for Children and Their Families are available to students obtaining either degree. Note:  There is a defined application process for the concentration.  We do not offer this program online.

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B.A. in Psychology

B.S. in Psychological Science

Minor in Psychology

Minor in Neuroscience

Concentration in Behavioral Services for Children and Their Families

CUGS in I/O Psychology