Minor in Neuroscience

Minor in Neuroscience

Minor in Neuroscience (M261)

The Neuroscience minor is designed for students interested in the interdisciplinary study of molecular, structural, chemical, cognitive, physiological, and behavioral aspects of the brain and nervous system. This minor is different from the new Psychology Concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience, and is targeted to students in Psychology, Biological Sciences, or other science majors with interest in the biological bases of neuroscience. There are 7 courses required in the program (26-28 credit hours total). All students will receive personal advisement from the Minor Coordinator.

Program Requirements:

  • Add Program M261 in Savitz Hall or by contacting the Coordinator
  • BIOL 01.106 Introduction to Genetics (Bio 2) OR MCB 01.101 Found Biology Biomed Sciences I (FBBS I)
  • BIOL 01.203 Introduction to Cell Biology (Bio 3) OR MCB 01.102 Found Biology Biomed Sciences II (FBBS II)
  • Physiological Psychology (10.315- B+ or better grade)
  • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (MCB 10481)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (PSY 10.480)
  • Two (2) upper-level electives in Biology or Psychology (at least 1 in each department) from the list below
    • BIOL 01.430 Advanced Cell Biology
    • BIOL 01.460 Animal Behavior
    • BIOL 01.465 Animal Histology
    • BIOL 01.475 Lab/Field Research
    • BIOL 07.310 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
    • BIOL 10.401 Animal Physiology
    • BIOL 22.335 Advanced Genetics
    • BINF 07.355 Bioinformatics- Biological Applications [3]
    • CHEM 07.490 General Aspects of Pharmacology
    • MCB 01.334 Medical Biochemistry
    • MCB 10.345 Human Physiology
    • PSY 01.326 Perception
    • PSY 01.419 Independent Study
    • PSY 01.422 Field Experience
    • PSY 01.426 Research Clinic in Psychology
    • PSY 02.301 Learning and Behavior
    • PSY 10.375 Drugs, The Brain, and Behavior
    • PSY 10.415 Neuroplasticity and Learning
    • PSY 10.425 Hormones, The Brain, and Behavior
    • PSY 10.610 Psychopharmacology and Biological Basis of Behavior (with Senior Privilege)
    • Or other courses with permission of Coordinator (such as BIOL 11.330 Microbiology or BIOL 14.440 Intro to Biochemistry or CHEM 07.348 Biochemistry)

For more information, contact Dr. Gerald Hough (Coordinator). Please include "neuroscience minor" in the subject line.

For additional information please review the program guide and course sequence examples here