B.A in Chemistry

B.A in Chemistry


Lei Yu Coordinator

Science Hall



The B.A. degree in Chemistry is a program that is designed primarily to prepare graduates to teach at the high school level. To follow this career path, a student must also earn a B.A. in Education. Both degrees must be selected upon entrance to Rowan. The program contains the core elements of the five sub-areas of chemistry. The capstone experience is a seminar course and a research project. This program may also be taken as a stand alone degree. It can also provide the foundation for science related careers in industry and government, including forensics.

Required Courses:

PHIL09.369 Philosophy of Science-WI
MATH01.130 Calculus I
MATH01.131 Calculus II
PHYS00.220 Introductory Mechanics
PHYS00.222 Introductory Electricity & Magnetism
CHEM06.100 Chemistry I and CHEM06.101 Chemistry II
CHEM07.200 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM07.201 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM07.348 Biochemistry
CHEM09.250 Quantitative Analysis
CHEM08.400 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM05.435 Co-op or CHEM05.440 Research I
CHEM05.450 Seminar I
CHEM09.410 Instrumental methods or CHEM06.301 Inorganic Chem and CHEM06.401 Adv. Inorganic Chemistry

Free Electives

Chosen with the help of the advisor and with consideration of future educational and career plans.