B.S in Chemistry

B.S in Chemistry


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The B.S. degree in Chemistry, approved by the American Chemical Society, prepares students for graduate study and for careers in industry, government or medicine. Laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation and computers for hands-on use by students at all levels. Each student is expected to carry out a laboratory-based research project.

Required Courses:

PHIL09.369 Philosophy of Science-WI
MATH01.130 Calculus I
MATH01.131 Calculus II
MATH01.230 Calculus III
CS01.104 Intro to Scientific Programming
PHYS00.220 Introductory Mechanics
PHYS00.222 Introductory Electricity & Magnetism
CHEM06.100 Chemistry I and CHEM06.101 Chemistry II or CHEM06.105 Advanced Chemistry I and CHEM06.106 Advanced Chemistry II
CHEM07.200 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM07.201 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM06.301 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM06.400 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lecture
CHEM06.401 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM07.348 Biochemistry
CHEM09.250 Quantitative Analysis
CHEM08.400 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM08.401 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM08.402 Physical Chemistry Lab I
CHEM08.403 Physical Chemistry Lab II 
CHEM09.410 Instrumental Methods
CHEM05.435 Co-op or CHEM05.440 Research I
CHEM05.450 Seminar I

Restricted Electives

12 s.h. Chosen with the approval of your advisor. 8 s.h. must be in upper level Chemistry and must have a Physical Chemistry prerequisite. The remainder of the 12 s.h. may be chosen in chemistry or in subjects closely related to chemistry such as physics, biology or mathematics. Students planning graduate study would find a course in differential equations, linear algebra, or advanced physics helpful. See the list of Approved Restricted Electives below.

Free Electives

15 s.h Chosen with the help of advisor and with consideration of future educational and career plans. Total Credits in Program 120 s.h.

List of Approved Restricted Electives:

CHEM05.430 Advanced Topics in Chemistry
CHEM07.405 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry
CHEM07.410 Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM07.470 Organic Spectroscopic Analysis (Lecture and Lab)
CHEM07.408 Advanced Biochemistry
CHEM07.409 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM07.431 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry
CHEM07.464 Advanced Organic Chemistry I (Lecture) - WI
CHEM07.475 Polymer Synthesis CHEM07.478 Polymer Characterization
CHEM07.357 Chemical Biology CHEM05.310 Independent Study (if taken as a junior or senior)
CHEM07.399 Bioinformatics - Biochemical Applications
CHEM08.410 Survey of Molecular Modelling Methods
CHEM07.492 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHEM09.300 Enviornmental Chemistry
CHEM09.411 Electrochemistry
CHEM09.420 Supramolecular Chemistry
CHEM05.441 Research II
MATH01.210 Linear Algebra
MATH01.231 Ordinary Differential Equations
PHYS00.300 Modern Physics (Lecture and Lab)
PHYS00.340 Optics and Light (Lecture and Lab)
PHYS00.310 Analytical Mechanics (Lecture Only)
PHYS00.330 Mathematical Physics (Lecture Only)
PHYS00.325 Electric Circuits (Lecture and Lab)
PHYS00.320 Electricity and Magnetism I
INTR01.486 Interdisciplinary Materials Science