Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

B.S. in Chemistry

Graduates of the chemistry program will be well prepared to pursue graduate study in chemistry and to enter one of the many careers for chemists in industry and government.

B.A. in Chemistry

The B.A. degree is designed for students interested in careers in teaching science, business or law.

B.S. in Biochemistry

The B.S. Degree in Biochemistry, an interdisciplinary program, is designed to prepare students for a career in biochemistry or graduate studies. Completion of the degree requirements can also increase a student's chances of success in medical, dental or other related health programs by helping students develop a strong academic foundation needed for success in such professional schools.

Minor in Chemistry

A chemistry minor is available for any student wishing a coherent sequence of chemistry courses.

Accelerated Biochemistry (B.S.) and Medical Degree (MD/DO)

Rowan offers an accelerated 7-Year Medical Programs (also called 3+4 year program) to incoming freshmen.

Advanced Degree Programs

This five-year program is designed for the high achieving student to obtain their B.S. in Biochemistry and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at an accelerated pace.

M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical sciences is a highly interdisciplinary field that involves the integration of organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, and molecular biology for the design, and synthesis of drugs.

Industrial Chemistry

This certificate is intended for students who wish to understand chemical industry procedures and practices generally employed in pharmaceutical drug development.

Cannabinoid Chemistry

This certificate will train students in the fundamental and underlying science necessary for the analysis of cannabinoids and cannabinoid related materials.