Cannabinoid Certificate of Graduate Study

Cannabinoid Certificate of Graduate Study

Cannabinoid Chemistry - Certificate of Graduate Study

Cannabinoids are a major class of pharmacologically active molecules found in cannabis, commonly known as marijuana. With increased nationwide trends toward legalization and prescription of medical marijuana, development of cannabis related therapies, and legalization of recreational marijuana (including in the State of NJ), there is a pressing need for scientists trained in the analysis of cannabinoid containing materials. These needs are highlighted in a recent report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. This program will train students in the fundamental and underlying science necessary for the analysis of marijuana, cannabinoids, and related materials. This training would be useful to careers in health professions, food science, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Certificate of Graduate Study in Cannabinoid Chemistry 12-13 s.h.

Core Courses:

CHEM 09530 - Advanced Chemical,Analysis of Cannabinoids 3 s.h.

CHEM 07590 - General Aspects of Pharmacology, 3 s.h.

CHEM 07588 - Advanced Natural Products Chemistry, 3 s.h.

Elective Course (One course selected from the elective bank listed below.) 3-4 s.h. 

Elective course options:        

CHEM 07564 – Advanced Organic Synthesis, 3 s.h.

CHEM 07570 – Organic Spectroscopy, 3 s.h.

CHEM 07557 – Chemical Biology, 3 s.h.

CHEM 07568 – Medicinal Chemistry, 3 s.h.

CHEM 07592 – Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 3 s.h.

CHEM 09510 – Instrumental Analysis, 4 s.h.

CHEM 09522 - Advanced Bioanalytical Chemistry, 3 s.h. 

This is a Category 2 Graduate Program. To maintain Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress in and to successfully graduate from this program students must:

  • Earn no grades lower than a “B-”
  • Earn an official cumulative GPA (according to matriculation level) of at least 3.000 on Rowan’s
    4.000 scale

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